IEP Help

Breaking down the acronyms & paperwork of special education

IEPs are so much more than goals and present levels! The pages below cover the key elements of special education paperwork-- including how to reading guides with examples for 44 states and answers to frequently asked questions about IEPs!

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Learn about what parents get to say no to, what they can ask for– and parent power moves.

Explore resources students can use to communicate, read, write, and organize their lives– and see the law.

Get to know the differences between IEPs and 504s and how teams decide which one a student will get.

FAPE and LRE are at the heart of special education so explore this page on what they mean!

Find answers to over 50 of the most common questions about IEPs.

Learn about each section of an IEP and see examples from over 40 different states.

Behaviors can be challenging! Learn about formal behavior plans and what the law says.

IDEA is the law that regulates special education– so learn its history and key points.

Get to know students’ rights and about manifest determination meetings.

Learn about formal and informal assessments and when teams draw on each.

Explore the wide world of related services– and get to know the services that you students deserve!

Get to know the supports that students can have in class and on tests.