Resources for Special Education Teachers

As a special education teacher, your focus should be on your students-- not the paperwork. Our goal at Spedhelper is to be your IEP helper and make the paperwork both easier and more useful to you and students' families. The website has free resources for quickly writing high-quality IEPs, from IEP goals to assessment resources and IEP tips, so you can get back to what really matters.

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Find the Common Core standards that match the goals, sample goal baselines, and goal language.

Find assessment resources for spelling, Common Core standards, and ideas for how to write strong, CCS-aligned spelling goals for Kinder through 5th grade. The goals include ideas for assistive technology and resources students can use to excel at spelling.

Find goal ideas for reading fluency, sight words, and reading comprehension-- along with baseline and assessment resources! The goals begin with concepts about print and go all of the way up through fifth grade, non-fiction comprehension goals.

Discover ideas for social, emotional regulation, and behavioral IEP goals-- along with how to actually implement and measure the goals.

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