Welcome to Spedhelper!

My goal at Spedhelper is to provide you with the resources that you need to write IEPs that actually help students without having to give up your life outside of work. So check out the resources here and reach out with your questions and ideas!

Teaching special education is supposed to be about the students– not about spending hours of your life figuring out how to write IEP goals. The resources here on Spedhelper are all designed to help you get back to what matters– teaching!

The website has a variety of IEP goal writing resources, including baseline language and assessments for the goals. I am also building out sections on IEP accommodation and modification information. All of these materials build on materials that I created for myself as a special education teacher– and are tools that I hope make your lives a bit easier too! 

I also sell IEP assessment materials on  TeachersPayTeachers. The assessment materials there match the goals and information here and are designed to give you the highest quality assessment information on students with the absolute least possible work. My goal as a teacher was to have more time to do the parts of my job that I loved– and now my hope is to share my timesaving resources and tips with you all!

The web design is also done by me as part of my design work– reach out & check out my web design portfolio for other projects!

Thanks for  visiting!