Free Curriculum & Resources

I mean I guess that teaching special education is more than just doing assessments and writing IEPs…. although sometimes it doesn’t seem like that! Over the years, I have created a wide variety of resources that made it a bit more easy to do the teaching part of my job. Given how much time went into them, most of them are up for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers, but free is also good so I am sharing some of them here! If there are resources that you see on TPT and need for free, just shoot me an email at!

Guided reading workbook

Okay, this isn’t the best resource in the world, but it is a guided reading workbook that you can take and modify for your students! I wanted something my students could work on during guided reading that I could tweak for each new book, but didn’t make me recreate the wheel. The amount I was spending on individual guided reading workbooks on TPT was pretty insane, so this was my solution. Hopefully helps you out as well!

Editing workbooks

These workbooks give students an opportunity to systematically build their editing skills. Unlike most workbooks that jump around from skill to skill, the skills in each of these build! I have made parts A through C of each workbook and am including part A of levels 1 through 4 here for free!

Word Problems

I have NEVER understood why word problem workbooks jump around so much! I want word problems that have content relevant to my students, where the content provides incidental science and social studies learning opportunities, and where the complexity of BOTH the operations and the language of the word problems slowly builds over time. That’s why I created these work books! There are parts A to C of each– A sections are mostly one step problems, B are more complicated one step problems, and C sections are two step word problems. Part A of levels 1 to 4 are here for you!

Procedural Mathematics

Like the editing workbooks, these workbooks slowly and systematically build students’ procedural mathematics skills from simple one digit addition through long division. There are no pictures, no frills in the workbooks– just sustained opportunities for students to build their skills rather than jump around from skill to skill. Like with the editing workbooks, there are parts A to C of each of these and part A is here for you for free!