Special Education Writing Assessment with Common Core Aligned Goals


Quickly go from high-quality information writing assessments to strong present levels and IEP goals for students working at a PreK-2nd grade level with the IEP Writing Assessment kit!


Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Special Education Writing Assessment packet was designed to help you go quickly from high-quality, informal special education assessments to a strong IEP or progress report! This product is a sample from the Early Elementary IEP Success Kit! It includes:

  • Spelling, alphabet, timed writing, and narrative writing assessments for early elementary students

  • A detailed teacher’s guide, purpose built to make IEP writing easy

  • Sample Common Core aligned IEP goals, with tips on customization

  • Sample writing present levels, with ideas for your own present levels!

The full kit also includes similar resources for mathematics and reading at both the early and mid-to late-elementary levels– as well as two versions for IEP writing and progress monitoring!


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