Accommodations & Modifications Matrix for IEPs


The all new Accommodations and Modification Matrix is designed to make your IEPs stronger and easier to write! With 62 different accommodations and modifications for classroom instruction and state assessments and IEP friendly write-up language, this matrix can make your life easier while helping ensure that your students needs are met!

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Need help with writing IEP accommodations and modifications that actually lead to strong supports for students? The Accommodations and Modifications Matrix for IEPs includes 62 different accommodations and modifications, most of which can be used for academic instruction, classroom assessments, and state testing! Each accommodation or modification includes information on why, when, and how to use it, as well as information on whether it can be used for state assessments! In addition, each accommodation and modification comes with IEP friendly justification and explanation language, language that you can copy and paste (with a few small tweaks!) into your IEPs! Make IEP writing easy and download the Accommodation and Modification Matrix!

Looking for more assessments and IEP writing resources? Check out the IEP Success Kits! Each kit includes informal assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics as well as present levels (PLOPs or PLAAFPs) templates and an IEP goal bank!

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