Questions parents can ask to increase reading comprehension


So here is an issue that comes up a ton at Student Study Team meetings. What can parents do at home to help students improve in reading comprehension and math other than just making their kids read and help with homework? I always go back to ask your kids questions. Reading comprehension isn’t a skill that just applies to books. If you have a kid who has difficulty giving a retell of a story, they probably also have difficulty giving a retell of the TV show you just watched. Ask you kids to tell you what happened in the TV show and ask follow us questions– so what happened first? Ok, what then? If your child is having difficulty with higher level comprehension (inferencing, finding theme and lessons) ask lots of why questions. Why do you think she did that? How did she change in the movie? So what was the big idea of this episode?  Reading comprehension boils down to being able to TALK about things that you have read and to answer questions. Asking questions about movies, TV shows, the book that your kid just read, and even video games that they are playing can build those same skills. My new project is going to be creating a handout of questions so if you have any good ones let me know!