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Student 1: 

Jenna is a willing writer who works hard on writing assignments. She uses a period at the beginning of the piece, a period at the end and capitalizes the word “I.” When editing for complete sentences, she puts a period or an exclamation mark at the end of the passage rather than at the end of sentences—and she sometimes overuses exclamation marks. She has an emerging grasp of paragraph structure and can write a basic topic sentence for a paragraph and supporting details for a paragraph given a topic sentence. She needs support with writing concluding sentences. When she is asked to write to a prompt, sometimes her pieces ignore the prompt and seem to be on a different topic. She needs support to develop her ideas into stories.

Jenna is proficient at spelling beginning and ending consonants and digraphs. She can spell short vowels with 70% accuracy and blends with 50% accuracy. She is spelling vowel diphthongs with 33% accuracy, common prefixes and suffixes with 33% accuracy, and long vowels and “r” controlled vowels with under 10% accuracy.

Student 2: 

James is a fast, and accurate reader on a fourth grade text. He was able to give a good summary of the fourth grade story and had strong literal comprehension. He struggled with higher level understanding of the text. He was able to tell how a character felt but not how her feelings changed and gave a very simple answer to a question about what was important in the story. On other stories, he was able to answer literal questions about a story, give summaries, and identify problems in the story. He needed support with identifying the main idea of story, finding evidence, identifying a theme, and making inferences. He is proficient at reading all sounds in words.

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