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Writing Assessments Level 1

Rather than just telling you what the assessments look like, I wanted to show you them and how to score them. So click on the links to see each of individual writing assessments and some sample write ups of them. The bottom of this page also has sample Present Levels for writing from the packets.

The links:

Sample present levels:

Student 1:

Mikela can write 25 letters. She can spell final consonant sounds with 80% accuracy and beginning consonant sounds with 72% accuracy. She can spell medial vowels with 72% accuracy as well. In her writing, she spells a few basic sight words correctly like go, to, the. She will put down one to two sound for a word like “san” for “student.” When prompted to sound out words, she can put down more sounds but on her own will often just put down the initial sounds. She will write a lot on topic and has good ideas in her stories. She continues to need extensive support to get those ideas down in a way that she or a teacher can read them.

Student 2: 

Markus can write all of his letters. He often gets 100% on his classroom spelling tests and passes spelling tests in the phonics program. On a spelling sounds assessment, he was really strong on spelling initial and final consonant sounds but struggled with medial vowels (under 30% correct). He tried to put down letters for every sound that he hears but often inverted the letters like fxo for fox. When asked to write a story about the first time that he did something, he wrote about the story that the examiner had read to him instead. He wrote five complete, formulaic sentences about the story. His teacher reports that his thinking is there in stories but he needs extra time to get his ideas down. He is able to copy text from the board and keeps up in classroom note taking.

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