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Assistive Technology for Notetaking and Organization

Students don’t have to take notes by hand. There are great apps on the iPad and some laptop options for note taking.


iPad Note Taking:

  • Students can take photos, draw, handwrite, and type on their notes. Noteability is one of the apps that lets you write/draw your notes.

Computer Note Taking:

  • Google Presentations or Google Docs are good places for students to type their notes and add photos. The problem is that they can’t really draw on either and that makes taking math or science notes a lot harder.
  • Students can  also write or dictate their notes using the Read & Write extension .


  • Google calendar: Is it ever too soon to start using Google Calendar to organize your life? Seriously, it is a life saver for most of us—why not use it with kids who can’t remember when things are due?
  • For kids without Google, there are to-do list apps and calendars built into every iPad and computer. They let kids keep track of what they need to do and when things are due. All tests and assignment deadlines should be in their calendars to make sure deadlines don’t get missed.