Technology has truly been a game changer for students with special needs. There is an incredible array of products out there to make everything from reading to communicating to writing to collaborating  easier. There is also a incredible array of products that help students tackle their disabilities and make academic growth.

Assistive Technology

Students with special needs are able to get assistive technology materials as part of their special education program. Assistive technology is technology that helps students compensate for their disabilities and gain greater access to the general education environment and curriculum. While procedures vary in different districts, generally students are able to qualify for assistive technology the same way they would any other related service.

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Educational Technology

In addition, many schools and classrooms are going high tech and using educational technology throughout the day.

This explosion of technology– and students’ legal rights to access that technology– has immense potential to help students with special needs access the general education curriculum and make growth. But….

Most of these programs are created by people wanting to make money and schools and families can easily go broke trying them all out– often without seeing results. Also, while some of these tools can be used to drastically increase a child’s access to grade level curriculum, others can be used as a way to avoid differentiating for and teaching to a child with special needs.

That means that parents and schools need to truly understand what is out there, what it’s for, and how to use it. The more information that schools and parents have, the better they can use it to help students succeed.

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