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Student 1:

Zahara is reading words on a list and in stories at a mid-first grade level  (DRA 12 advanced decoding, DRA 14 intervention decoding). She is proficient at reading words with digraphs. She can read words with blends and long vowels with 75% accuracy. She reads CVC words with 65% accuracy, words with “r” controlled vowels with 46% accuracy, and words with vowel diphthongs with 40% accuracy.

Zahara has much stronger comprehension of material she listens to than material she reads herself. She needed multiple prompts and extra time to give a complete retell of a DRA 12 story that she read. She was able to tell almost all the important details from the story, but she need time. Her initial retell had the main ideas of the story only and few details. After being read a story, she was able to answer “wh” questions about a story, tell the main events of a story, and discuss the problem in the story. She can describe a character in a story and tell what a character learned but she needs supports to identify a theme and make inferences. Zahara is also able to give a short main idea statement for a non-fiction passage and is beginning to be able to identify author’s bias.

Student 2: 

James is a fast, and accurate reader on a fourth grade level texts. He was able to give a good summary of the fourth grade story and had strong literal comprehension. He struggled with higher level understanding of the text. He was able to tell how a character felt but not how her feelings changed and gave a very simple answer to a question about what was important in the story. On other stories, he was able to answer literal questions about a story, give summaries, and identify problems in the story. He needed support with identifying the main idea of story, finding evidence, identifying a theme, and making inferences. He is proficient at reading all sounds in words.

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