reading level 1

Reading Level 1

So there are lots of pictures and examples for each assessment area in reading. That made one page overwhelming so I have broken up reading into a bunch of sub -pages. Each of the sub pages has what the assessments look like, scoring examples, and write ups of that area. This page has the links and a few different present levels for reading.

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Sample present levels: 

Student 1: 

Deena is decoding at a late Kindergarten level (DRA 2 97%, DRA 3 below 85% accuracy). She can read real and nonsense one syllable CVC words with 67% accuracy. She knows 12 of the 40 Dolch Pre-Primer words. She knew 24 upper case letters, 23 lower case letters, and 24 letter sounds. In groups however, she is consistently decoding CVC words and reading decodable books of CVC words with few mistakes. She also routinely reads more sight words in group than she did on the assessment. Overall in group, she is beginning to consistently apply her phonics skills to reading and to understand how to read. She struggles with independently reading texts and fatigues after five minutes of independent reading. If she has a friend to work with, her attention span increases by a minute or two.

Deena’s comprehension continues to be significantly higher than her decoding. When she was read a mid-first grade text, she was able to give a fairly complete retell. She switched a character from an elf to a little doll but other than that her retell had all of the main events of the story in order. She has strong phonemic awareness. She can easily tell you multiple words that rhyme with a given word and can tell what sounds words begin and end with

Student 2:

Marco is decoding at an early first grade level. In class, he is reading at an instructional F level and an independent E level (DRA 6 and4). On an assessment, he was instructional on DRA 4 text. He is good at sounding out words and can sound out 67% of real and nonsense one syllable CVC words. He needs support to sounds out words with digraphs, blends, and longer CVC words.

Marco knows all of his lower case names and letter sounds. He knew all of his upper case letters except for the J. He knows 31 of the Dolch Pre-Primer words and 25 of the 52 Dolch Primer words.

Marco is proficient at recognizing rhyming words and identifying the initial sound in words. He needs support with identifying the ending sound in words and often will just restate the beginning sound when asked what sound a word ends with. He has excellent concepts about print and is able to independently read a book at his level.

Marco strongly benefits from explicit teaching of texts and vocabulary in class. When asked about a text that his class has discussed, he is able to state five or more facts from the story in complete sentences like “the baby elephant gets milk from its mom.” When asked to give a retell of the DRA 4 story that he had read, he was able to tell the big ideas of the story, “The boy not find his his and her mom not… the mom is crawling around and the boy has his hat,” but struggled more with telling details from the story. His comprehension is better of stories that are read to him. He can give a good prediction for a story, tell where, who, and what is happening in a story. He can answer basic why questions about a story, tell his favorite part, identify the problem, and give a simple retell. He is able to make connections to the text as well. In classroom discussions, he participates when called on and is able to discuss the text at a similar to level to his classmates.

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