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Rather than cram all of the math information into one page, we’ve broken it up into sub-pages. This page has the links to the sub-pages, sample present levels, and links to  goals.

The links:

Each of the sub page for math has what the assessments look like, scoring examples, and write ups of that area.

Sample present levels:

Student 1:

Adrian can read numbers to a 1,000 consistently and write numbers to 1,000 with 75% accuracy. He can put numbers in order (given three numbers) to 10,000. Adrian solved addition fact problems with 50% accuracy and subtraction fact problems with 40% accuracy. On those assessments he was not able to solve two digit addition or subtraction facts with any accuracy. He knows his ones multiplication facts. When Adrian is given a word problem and asked to show his work he tries to do so. For a simple one step addition word problem, Adrian was able to draw a picture and use it to find the right answer. For the simple one step subtraction problem, he knew to draw a picture and to cross some out but instead of crossing out just a couple of things, she crossed out all of her drawing and got the wrong answer. When the problems get harder or the numbers get bigger, his drawings and answers start to have less and less to do with the problem.

Student 2:

Ana can read and order numbers to 100,000 and write numbers to 1,000. She can add and subtract with regrouping, including across zeros. She can solve 30 mixed multiplication facts in 4 minutes and, given a slightly longer time frame, knows all of her multiplication facts. She can solve three by one digit long division problems with remainders and double digit multiplication problems given a multiplication chart. She needs support with rounding and with most fractions concepts. Ana can solve one step word problems with all four operations in group but struggled with a multiplication word problem on the assessment. She needs support with two step word problems and problems with confusing language. In class she gets some of the concepts right away but needs some concepts re-explained.

Links to goals:


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