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Rather than cram all of the pictures and scoring information onto this page, I’ve farmed it out onto sub-pages. Check out the individual pages for scoring information and sample write ups of each of the assessments. Then check back here for sample present levels written from all the assessments.

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Student 1: 

Nikola can read and write numbers to 100. She can rote count to 49 and count backwards from 5. She needs support to count by 5s or 10s and put numbers in order. She can tell what is one more than a number.

Nikola understands what addition and subtraction are but is still shaky on executing the steps. When she was asked to use blocks to solve addition and subtraction problems, she sometimes added and sometimes subtracted and, when she did try to do the right operation, she got the correct number of blocks about half of the time. Her overall accuracy on fact problems was less than 25%.

Nikola knows six days of the week and one month of the year. She can name a penny but not other coins. She can name all of her colors and all of her basic shapes except for a triangle, which she can point to. Se can add onto ABAB patterns but not ABBABB or ABC patterns.

In the classroom, Nikola understands the grade level concepts and can do the grade level work if she gets the information repeated and extra time. She needs support to understand the material initially but then, given more time, is able to do the work on his own.

Student 2: 

Joanne can count to a 100 as well as consistently read and write numbers to 100. She can read and write numbers to 1,000 with 40% accuracy. She can count by 10s to 100 and by 5s to 10. She can state one more than a number to 100 but not what is one less than a number. In general, she can read a number made with place value blocks to a hundred but sometimes she forgets and counts the ones blocks as extra tens blocks.

Joanne is very inconsistent on all of her addition and subtraction. While she can solve problems with blocks, hundreds charts, and by drawing when focused when she isn’t focused she will say things like 9-6 is 4 and 7 +6 is 14. On assessments, her accuracy rate on all problems (Easy and hard) was under 50% but in the classroom she can solve fact problems easily and solve two digit problems with no regrouping. She knows all of the days of the week and four months of the year. She knows the name of a penny and the value of a quarter. She can name most basic shapes except for a rectangle and oval. She can’t tell time yet. Joanne understands basic math concepts of more/less, bigger/smaller, and taller/shorter. She continues to need support in class during math.


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