math goals

Math Goals

I tend to focus my goals on things that will be covered in groups and in class throughout the year. If a student struggles on fractions and on subtraction, I will write my goal for subtraction as it is covered more in class and can get worked on while supporting the grade level curriculum.

I will often write two math goals for students– one procedural goal and one word problem goal. Higher students often get only one goal. I personally almost never write more than two math goals for a student. Two procedural goals would be redundant. In groups, I am going to work on procedural skills in order. My goals are focused on the most pressing need, not on a wish list of everything I wish a could would learn in the next year.

I like to have a separate word problem goal for most students though– the entire Common Core is built on word problems and almost every student I have ever assessed has struggled with reasoning their way through word problems.

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