level 1

Level 1

This assessment packet consists of the teacher copy, student copy, and binder materials, all available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

First, let me start with an apology. Little kids and weaker students can’t do as much independently as bigger kids so there is a lot of content in the teacher copy and not as much in the student copy. That means that assessing little kids can take more of your time. Sorry. Though every time I assess a younger student, I appreciate my kinder colleagues even more. They really do have to TEACH kids how to do independent work.

Your goal is to get information—not torture a kid or yourself. If they can’t add with blocks don’t make them do addition without blocks. Stop the assessments when they max out.


What’s in the packet?


Phonemic Awareness: Beginning sound isolation, end sound isolation, and rhyming words identification

Letters: Letter sound knowledge, letter name knowledge for upper and lower case letters.

Sounding out words: Decoding assessment for real and nonsense words. Goes from CVC words to vowel diphthongs. I stop whenever a kid can’t do anymore.

Sight words: Dolch Pre-Primer and Primer words

Concepts about print: Basic book skills

Picture based comprehension: A comprehension rubric to use with a picture book of your choice.

To see how to score the reading section, present levels and goals check out Reading Level 1



Letters: Letter knowledge

Sound spelling: Spelling test using all 26 letters of the alphabet focusing on CVC words.

Writing fluency: Timed writing to learn how many words a kid can write in a minute.

Writing sample: Rubric to score a writing sample

To see how to score the reading section, present levels and goals check out Writing Level 1



Numbers: Matching numbers to objects, number writing and naming

Counting: Rote counting, counting down, counting by 5s and 10s, and counting objects

Addition and subtraction: With pictures, blocks, and paper

Life skills: Days of the week, months, time, money, colors, shapes, birthday, patterns

Concepts: Bigger/smaller, less/more, taller/shorter

To see how to score the reading section, present levels and goals check out Math Level 1

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Level 2 Assessments page.