tip 2

Deal with the group first.

It is rarely just one kid in a room struggling with their behavior.

Start by looking at the whole group first. How many kids are on task? How many are struggling?

The easiest way to improve the behavior of a target student is to improve the behavior of the group– kids respond to social pressure better than to anything we can dream up.

So start with classroom management.

  1. Are there clear classroom rules? Are they posted somewhere obvious? Here are ideas on how to create powerful classroom rules.
  2. Are there clear classroom incentives? We all do better when we are rewarded for our good behavior whether through praise, group points, or an occasional extra recess. Clearly tie the incentives to your class rules and goals. Check here for easy to use incentive ideas for classrooms.
  3. Are there clear consequences? Consequences don’t need to be drastic– but for the rules to be effective they need to be certain. Consistency is the most important thing with consequences. For tips on what behaviors to target and ideas for reasonable consequences check here.
  4. Does the classroom have clear procedures? If kids are getting in fights near the water fountain, start by figuring out if they actually know what they are supposed to do. Consistent, well taught classroom procedures prevent an impressive amount of behaviors. For ideas, check here.