tip 1

Sometimes the environment itself is part of the problem. There are things you can’t control– broken heaters, run down rooms, and weird lay outs. But there are lots of other things you can control.

  1. Look at how things are arranged in the room. Are there problem areas? This article has tips on what to look for and think about.
  2. How are your desks arranged? Do you need rows or groups? How is the spacing? This article has some tips on different arrangements.
  3. Is the environment itself calming or overwhelming? We are sensory creatures– loud, crowded, visually overwhelming classrooms can stress all of us out. Check out this article on ways to make your classroom more calming.
  4. Do you need a cool-down area? That’s an area where kids can go when they need a break. Unlike a time out area, cool down areas are designed to help kids self-regulate. For information on how to design one, check here.